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I think it is smiling

I think it is smiling

I have been interested in EVs for several years. After a few explorations that proved to be learning experiences 🙂 but did not result in an EV in my driveway, I am pleased to report that I am the proud lessee of a Honda Fit EV. I live in Morris County NJ and took delivery through Planet Honda in Union. They told me I am among the first dozen or so customers on the east coast for the Fit EV. My vehicle is #0189 out of 1,100 that are planned. In future posts I will describe some of the things I learn and my experiences living with this EV.

In the mean time, I’d like to give a shout out to my friends in the NJ Electric Automobile Association (NJEAA) – despite its formal sounding name, it is a group of EV enthusiasts that collaborate through a Facebook group and meet occasionally. They are a great resource and really nice folks. — bob

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