First 2 weeks

I have had the EV for almost 2 weeks now. Developments this week:

  • My Level 2 charging station was installed
  • Received my license plates and registration
  • Still cannot get in to Honda Link – customer service has not yet fixed the problem 🙁

I am really enjoying driving the car and find that I am constantly trying to increase my range to empty – it’s like playing a video game.

ICE cars that I own or have owned have typically had ranges of approx. 320 miles. The EV has a range of 1/4 that. I have been amused that 80 miles “in the tank” is now full whereas with an ICE car, that would be time to fill up.

Have not yet bought electrons at a public charging station.

On 4/20/13, from 11:00 – 4:00, the Essex County Environmental Center is having an open house and several members of the NJEAA will be there with their EVs…hope to see you there.

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