Honda Link – part 2

After a week of no response to my Honda Link registration problem, I called again last night. The representative I spoke didn’t seem to know that I had called before or that they had an unresolved problem. Hmmmm. He did promise to correct it but would not commit to a completion date. I wonder whether other Fit EVers have had this problem?

2 Thoughts on “Honda Link – part 2

  1. I did some searching online and didn’t notice any similar issues with Honda Link registrations… perhaps it’s an issue with your computer or internet browser (assuming you are talking about signing on through Honda’s Owners website)

  2. ras1862 on April 19, 2013 at 6:42 am said:

    John, thank you for your help with this and your interest. I spoke with Honda Link customer support yesterday and they confirmed that my vehicle’s VIN is not in their system and that is the impediment. They have promised to fix it today. I’ll report progress.

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