April Meet-ups

EVs at Cars and Croissants

Yesterday I participated in the Essex County Environmental Day program with other EVers – Chris (BMW Active- E) & Ben (P-Zero motorcycle). We had many folks walk by – some were not at all interested, many were very interested to talk about the cars and living with them, and one young man was ready to take my car home with him.

Today was Cars & Croissants at Chatham High School. There must have bee 200 cars there – more Ferraris, Porsches, BMWs, Corvettes than one could imagine plus LOTS of more unusual cars. The EVs parked together – we had the same 3 from yesterday plus 2 Chevy Volts. The audience here was much more knowledgeable and we had many conversations with very interested folks.  I arrived on the early side and got to choose a prime spot in the lot. Part of the fun is seeing (and hearing) all of theses cars arrive.

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