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Range is 98 miles and average efficiency  is 4.6 miles per KwH
I have some news regarding the car and the lease.

For the first several weeks, a full charge in the morning gave an estimated range of 85+/-5 miles, depending on how much highway driving I did the day before. Yesterday, I saw an estimated range of 98 miles and this morning I didn’t notice until I was underway, but at 2 miles from home, the range was 101! Also, I have been more mindful lately of driving gently and saw an increase in average miles per KwH from 4.5 to 4.6. I haven’t found information that indicates if this average is lifetime or a rolling average or if I can reset the “clock.” If you have discovered the answer, I’d love to hear it.

I attended a meeting at ADP in Roseland, NJ this week and was delighted to see that they have installed 2 Level-2 EV charging stations. Unfortunately, I only noticed on my way out of the building. I didn’t need a charge but wished I had noticed on my way in so I could have used it as a show of appreciation.

Regarding the lease, Honda has been a challenge to deal with. I closed on the lease on4/2 and by the beginning of May, I had received no communication from them about my account or where to make payments. I called Honda Finance Co. and spoke to a rep who confirmed that they would like to collect the lease payments and promised to figure out the problem and get back to me. No word. On 5/16, I received my first lease payment invoice, dated 4/10 but postmarked 5/13!! How nice is that? I made a payment right away and called to complain.

I saw a post on the Honda FIT EV Drivers group that the field test is being extended nationwide but have not found a second source to confirm this. Also, I saw that there are many more dealers in my region participating in the EV program – Joyce Hinda in Denville being the closest and less than half the distance to Planet Honda, where I took delivery.

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