My average energy use improved

One of the displays in the Fit EV shows average energy use. It took a while before I discovered it and when I first saw it, it said I had achieved 4.5 miles per KwH. I believe this is cumulative, not a rolling average. Can any Fit EVers confirm this?

As I became more accustomed to the car, I became more focused on driving with a light right foot and stretching out the mileage. After a couple of weeks, I was pleased to see that the average energy use improved to 4.6 mi/KwH. Today, it increased again – now the car’s average efficiency is up to 4.7 mi/KwH. Over the 2,500 miles I have driven, that translates to 532 KwH…at $.11/KwH, my electric cost for 2,500 miles is less than $60!!

When I turned the car on this morning, the range estimate was 108 miles – the highest I have seen so far.

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