Cars and Croissants started out great!


I was really looking forward to today’s Cars and Croissants in Summit. The EV club was expecting a good turnout and there were sure to be lots of cars displayed that you’d almost never see on the road.

As usual, there were more Ferraris than I could count. I watched Dr. Tax allow a 13-year-old kid to start the Enzo – the kid must of had a laundry problem, the car was so loud! There were a zillion Porsches and Bimmers, at least 2 McLarens, many Lotuses (Loti?), a gorgeous XKE, at least 2 of the new Ford GTs and an original version! First-time sightings included an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and a Spyker.

On the EV front, we had a really good showing, with 2 Tesla Roadsters and an S, Active-E, P-Zero motorcycle, Leaf, Volt, plug-in Prius, plus my Fit EV. With the recent reduction in lease price, there was even more interest than usual. One kid only wanted to talk about hooking up a generator to the motor and the motor back to the generator for perpetual free energy – great idea, huh?

Alas, it got to be noon and time to motor on. I went to turn on the Fit and NOTHING – the car and the Honda Link app said 0 charge. How could that be? When I arrived there were 90 miles in the battery. After turning it on and off several times, it started to read the battery charge and got stuck in a diagnostic loop – check ABS, check Airbags, check VSC (vehicle stability control)…and I could not get it to drive. Also noticed that I could operate the passenger windows but not the driver’s side.

Called Honda Roadside Service…call was dispatched to Lightning Towing – they were great! Called to confirm, called to say they’d be 5 minutes late, arrived, took me to Joyce Honda in Denville. They are much closer to home than Planet Honda and their service department is open on Sunday! Spoke to service rep who took lots of notes. I hope to hear what they learn tomorrow about the cause of the problem, the remedy, and most importantly, if this should happen again, is there something I can do to recover.

Stand by for a full report in a few days.

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