Two surprises in one day

124-mi-rangeThe other morning I was delighted to see that the range estimate was 124 miles! That is, by far, the largest number I have seen to date. It was on the weekend and I had a lot of around trips to make – by the end of the day, I had drive nearly 60 miles and the range was only down to 60 miles.

The second surprise was not as happy. On most days, I plug the car in when I am home for the day and the car’s timer is scheduled to begin charging at 9:10 pm, after the rate switches to off peak. This day, I arrived at home at 9:30 and plugged the car in. To my surprise and disappointment, the timer did not recognize that it was after 9:10 and time to charge the battery! According to my phone app, the car was ready to begin the next charging cycle at 9:10 on the next day.

I inferred from this that the car must be plugged when the time rolls over the timer’s charging start time. This is not the behavior that I would expect. The timer has a start time and a stop time. I expect that if I plug the car in during this time, it will begin charging until either it is fully charged or the stop time is reached.

Honda engineers, are you listening?

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