Seeing Double


Dear Diary, yesterday, for the first time, I saw a Fit EV that wasn’t mine! After 4 months of leasing and 4,000 miles, I finally saw another one. I met Jesse, the proud lessee, at Cars and Croissants at Hacklebarney State Park. It was a beautiful day and there was a great turnout with lots of nice folks and good conversation. Chris posted an album on the NJEAA Facebook page. Does anyone have a picture of more than 2 Fit EVs together in NJ?

Mine is the blue one – ooops, sorry; mine is the clean one – ooops, sorry; mine is the one on the left.

I also had another “first” – for the first time, I did not have enough charge to get home – thanks to Chris for helping me out with a few electrons. I had driven quite a bit the day before and left my car overnight at the train station and didn’t get to refill the battery; thus, I left for the meet up with only 30 miles in the “tank” and the park is about 18 miles from home.

Today, the odometer passed 4,000 miles. At 4.8 miles per KwH and $.11 per KwH, I have paid a grand total of $91.67 for “fuel” to drive all of these miles.

I am a happy camper.

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