Can you imagine…?

Can you imagine if there were EV charging stations every 50 miles on the interstate highway system? Imagine what that would do to reduce pollution by enabling more people to drive longer distances in their EVs and make EVs a viable option for so many more people.

How charging stations would that be? According to Wikipedia, the Interstate Highway System covered about 48,000 miles by 2010. If this dream ever comes to fruition, that would be nearly 1,000 charging stations around the country on the interstates.

It’s just a dream today and you can help a little bit to make it real by signing the petition on the White House site. 100,000 signatures are required by August 22 in order to show sufficient interest for the White House to respond. This is the easiest way for We The People…to petition the government. Make your voice heard.

You can sign the petition by following the link.

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