5-month progress report


After 5 months with the EV, I am pleased to report that the experience has been great and exceeded my expectations. Here are some highlights:

  • Honda reduced the lease price by 1/3 and eliminated the mileage cap.
  • I have driven 5,200 miles so far at an energy efficiency of 4.8 miles per kilowatt hour (KWH); at $.11 per KWH, I have paid $120 for ‘fuel’ for all those miles.
  • Range anxiety: my daily commute is 38 miles and the car’s range has been 80-100 miles, depending on the temperature and how fast I drive. For the most part, I have not had to pay much attention to the remaining range vs. distance home. I will admit that twice in the last two weeks, I forgot to plug in when I got home and had to make a second commute on a single charge. By driving on secondary roads (the scenic route to work is delightful) instead of the highway, I made it with a comfortable cushion. I have only had to get electrons ‘on the road’ one time.
  • I had one incident where I could not drive the car as it was stuck in its start-up diagnostic sequence. I think I induced the problem by turning it on and off many times at a car show without actually driving. I got towed to a dealer who could not find a problem and uploaded the latest software.
  • Although Honda created a waiting list for the demand when they lowered the price on June 1, I still have seen only one other Fit EV, although I understand they are more than halfway through their production run of 1,100 vehicles. I’m sure they’re out there.
  • Would I do this again? Yes, in a NY minute!

Any EVers out there that would not do it again?

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