November Update

bmw isetta

I was at a Cars and Croissants last week and saw this ultra-cool BMW Isetta microcar.

As the weather is getting cooler, the car’s range is getting shorter: 65 – 70 miles is now typical. It has not been a problem yet although I don’t really know what to expect when the temperature is mostly below freezing. Also, I have some work appointments this week at a further office than my home base and it will be interesting to see if I have a range problem or not 🙂

The car’s average energy efficiency has also peaked and started to decline. On Labor Day, it increased from 4.8 to 4.9 miles per KwH and I was elated. Then, a few days later, it dropped back to 4.8. By mid-October it dropped again to 4.7 and last week it dropped again to 4.6. I am not sure if this is due an increase in my highway driving or due to the weather.

I am also interested to see how much energy the car uses to run the heater as it gets colder. It will be interesting to see what my experience is into the winter, given all of the factors involved. Also, we just sold our 3rd car, so I gave up my cold-weather ‘insurance policy.’

Happy Thanksgiving.

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