10,000 Mile Update


My EV’s odometer rolled over 10K this week and the car is exactly 11 months old. Ever since Honda dropped the mileage cap, I was hoping to zoom past the 1,000 per month level to get more for my money…the trend is in the wrong direction.

More significantly, the temperatures lately have reached the mid 40s on some days and so my range issues have abated. On the coldest days, not only did the low temperatures reduce the range into the critical zone for my commute, I had to use all the tricks to conserve energy, including driving without heat in order to get home. I am here to report that driving in 10 degree (or less) temperatures IS NOT FUN.

Friends at work have asked if I would make the same choices obtain having an EV if I had known then what I know now. It is difficult to answer. This has been the coldest winter I can remember so maybe it’s not representative. On most days the answer is a resounding yes…it’s those few coldest days that give me pause. Maybe if my wife and I had held on to our third car – a Honda Civic, for me to use in cold weather, the choice would be easy. Damn, that car had a good heater!

It’s almost March…we deserve it!

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