It Must Be Spring

It was great to be at the first Cars and Croissants of the season. It was below freezing but the air was calm and the sunshine was bright. NJEAA had a small turnout – thanks, Michael and Chris.

As the weather has been warming, my EV enjoyment factor has been increasing. Range anxiety on my daily commute has disappeared. No need for much heat and driving in ‘Normal’ mode is much more fun than ‘Economy’ mode.

I did go to Madison Honda for the recent recall – to upload new software that relates to a poor mechanical connection when recharging and so now, the car will continue to charge more slowly, rather than discontinuing to charge. I do not believe I have experienced this problem, but whatever.

The car is 2 weeks away from its first anniversary. I expect the odometer to roll over 11,000 that week – a rate well below the original lease allowance of 12,000. I have almost 2 years to decide what’s next in my garage.

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