It’s been an eventful 2 weeks

2014-05-11 Sighted at Costco in East Hanover

2014-05-11 Sighted at Costco in East Hanover

Two weeks ago, I parked at Costco in East Hanover and on my way into the store, I walked past another Fit EV and paused to look it over. While I was there, the lessee returned to the car and we compared notes and complemented each other on our good judgment in driving EVs. I talked up the NJEAA, which was unknown to him.

This week, while driving home, I drove past another Fit EV on James St. in Morristown and we waved. Two days later, I was passed on my way to work by another Fit EV on I-287. This is the first time I’ve seen 3 other Fit EVs in the wild in such a short time. I understand that Honda has finally reached the end of their 1,100 car production run. I still have 2 years to decide what’s next.

This morning, I left for work and the car would not turn on – it started to go through the start-up sequence and things got crazy…first, it flashed all kinds of warning indicators: check brakes, check airbags, check recharging connector, etc. I turned it off and the on again and things started flickering very fast and then things went dead. I knew I was going to need a ride to the dealer on a flatbed and discovered that the gear selector was locked in ‘P’ and I could not get it out. Would the tow guy have to drag it out?

Getting a ride to the dealer

Getting a ride to the dealer

I called Honda Roadside Assistance and they dispatched a local towing company. They were almost an hour later than promised but the guy was very helpful. After sitting for 2 hours, the car would shift into ‘N’ and we rolled it out of the garage and maneuvered it onto the truck. Off to Madison Honda. They gave me a loaner and said they had NO IDEA how long it might take to diagnose and repair the problem.

Imagine my surprise in receiving their call in the late afternoon that the car was ready to be picked up. What was the problem? The 12V battery that drives the instruments developed a short in one of the cells. They replaced it under warranty, of course, and I am back on the road. It is fascinating to me that the failure had nothing to do with the electric propulsion part of the EV – it was an ordinary battery.

As the weather has been warmer lately, I have noticed the range first thing in the mornings exceeding 100 miles. The odometer has past 12,300 miles. With the replacement of the battery, the average energy efficiency was reset…driving home after one short trip, it is at 5.3 miles/KwH – that is not sustainable in my driving pattern but does put a smile on my face.

Till next time…thanks for stopping by.

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