June Update


June was the first month that I did not post an update – things are uneventful on the EV front. This past week the odometer rolled past 14,000 miles…as the car is coming up on 16 months, I am way behind the rate of 1,000 per month, which is a shame since Honda lifted the mileage cap – oh well!

I have also seen very high numbers (for me and the car) in range and miles per KwH. The attached picture shows a range of 125 miles one morning recently and a week later, the miles per KwH increased to 5.2.

Last week I paid to fill up for the first time away from home – my company has some ChargePoint stations installed at my office and I used one for the first time. It is a relief to have this so that I do not have to drive to/from work next winter on the coldest days in a cold car.

I saw a pre-production model of the new Mercedes-Benz B class EV recently at Cars & Croissants in Newton, NJ, with a starting price in the low 40s. It looked very ordinary, especially compared to the i3. I can’t wait to see pictures of the Tesla Model 3.

9 deloreans
While driving through Florham Park this morning, I came upone these 9 Delorean’s parked in a row with a red Lotus in the middle and, if you look closely behind the guy in the background, a Tesla Model S…not something you see every day!

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