June Update


June was the first month that I did not post an update – things are uneventful on the EV front. This past week the odometer rolled past 14,000 miles…as the car is coming up on 16 months, I am way behind the rate of 1,000 per month, which is a shame since Honda lifted the mileage cap – oh well!

I have also seen very high numbers (for me and the car) in range and miles per KwH. The attached picture shows a range of 125 miles one morning recently and a week later, the miles per KwH increased to 5.2.

Last week I paid to fill up for the first time away from home – my company has some ChargePoint stations installed at my office and I used one for the first time. It is a relief to have this so that I do not have to drive to/from work next winter on the coldest days in a cold car.

I saw a pre-production model of the new Mercedes-Benz B class EV recently at Cars & Croissants in Newton, NJ, with a starting price in the low 40s. It looked very ordinary, especially compared to the i3. I can’t wait to see pictures of the Tesla Model 3.

9 deloreans
While driving through Florham Park this morning, I came upone these 9 Delorean’s parked in a row with a red Lotus in the middle and, if you look closely behind the guy in the background, a Tesla Model S…not something you see every day!

One Thought on “June Update

  1. Hey Bob,

    Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say thank you and to offer some words of encouragement. I hope that you will continue to post and others will find your blog and be inspired to give the Honda Fit EV a try! It’s hard to dispute that EV cars will have an important place in the future and I believe people don’t have a strong understanding of how they work or what it’s like to own one, and your blog does a pretty good job of explaining both. So again, thanks for helping to educate drivers on the benefits of EV vehicles, especially the Fit EV!


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