Farewell to Tom Magliozzi


I am traveling out of the country right now and just learned from my wife that Tom of Click-and-Clack fame passed away this week. I loved spending that hour each week with them listening to Car Talk; I used to plan my Saturday mornings around the show.

In my own personal tribute, I heard Ray memorialize his brother by listening to the recording of the show, #1445 over the Internet, half-way around the world. I laughed until it hurt.

I offer my deepest sympathy to Ray and all of Tom’s family. He was a national treasure.

Not much is new on the EV front. The car has been very well behaved through the summer and into the fall. The lease is now into the 20th month, with 16 to go. I wonder what the options will be?

P.S. This picture of Tom and Ray was taken from the Car talk website and used without their permission.

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