21-month report


I am at the end of the 21st month of my 3-year lease and have a few minor updates to share…

First, about the EV part of the car. During the summer the car was getting 5.2 miles per KwH and my range was typically near 100 miles after a full charge. Through the fall, the efficiency dropped to 5.1 and then 5.0 in November and this week, it dropped to 4.9 miles per KwH…and the range on a full charge in now around 70 miles. The car has accumulated almost 17,000 miles.

My commute this winter is half the distance I drove last winter and my new office has charging stations, so I expect to drive in a warm car, even on the coldest days, and get to/from work and home and charging if necessary.

Onto two more mundane topics. A month ago, I caught a stone in the windshield from a dump truck..it made a loud noise but I did not see any damage until later…a significant spider-web crack in the lower right-hand corner 🙁 I called the agent who administers the lease and insurance for American Honda…they asked a lot of questions about the driving conditions, etc…and then dispatched the job to a mobile repair shop under contract. They had to order the glass from Honda and it took a few days to arrive and they repaired it in my driveway. The did a fine job and the whole repair was covered under the lease insurance policy. However, the glass has a manufacturing defect – a small area with some serious distortion, and they have ordered a new windshield and will replace it again.

The car also suffered the loss of the Bluetooth link to my phone when the audio system got stuck in the start-up sequence and never fully loaded. The first time this happened was exactly a year ago and Honda replaced the unit. This time, the dealer found a software update from Honda that was designed to fix this exact problem and it worked (for now), so all systems are go.

I am starting to think about what car will come next. I have seen some discussion in the Fit EV group that Honda has been offering to extend the lease for those customers who have reached 3 years…I am not sure if i would do that, depending on the terms. I am interested in driving the new e-Golf and Kia Soul-EV when I get a chance.

I wish you a happy and healthy new year.

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