Mid-winter Update


I took this picture at Costco on Rt. 10 in East Hanover a couple of weeks ago…seeing another Fit EV is still a rare occurrence.

As the weeks go by, the Average Energy Efficiency has slowly dropped and seems to have bottomed out at 4.5 miles per KwH. What that means is that my range has dropped to between 55-60 miles per charge, depending on driving mode and actual temperature.

My commute to work is exactly 10 miles. I usually take the back roads, which are much more scenic than the highway, and slower, which extends the range. As a consequence, even in the coldest days, I leave home with a full charge and pre-conditioning the cabin and get to work warm, just using the seat heater. My office has 4 charging stations, so I could recharge if needed, although I never need to for my normal commute.

My lease has less than 14 months left to go. I saw that Michael and Pamela have retired their i-MIEV and acquired a Smart EV – mostly for their kids to drive. I am thinking that this is too small for my needs and wondering what new options will be available when my lease expires.

Let’s hope for an easy rest of winter and an early spring!

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