March Update


This past month has been one of the coldest and snowiest I can remember. On my way to work last week, I took this picture of the dash showing -2 F. I’ve heard friends at work express worry about their ICE cars starting in the bitter cold but that has become a lost worry for me – EVs don’t start, they turn on. With my shorter commute this year, I have not had any concerns about range and always have a toasty warm drive.

I have noticed that the Average Energy Efficiency has dropped and is now at 4.3 miles per KwH…I don’t know for sure but guess that this measurement includes all energy use, not just to propel the car…I wonder, therefore, how much energy I have used in climate control?

My lease now has less than 13 months to go. In a post dated 2/12/14 on the Honda Fit EV Driver’s Facebook group, the question of extending the lease came up again…on the official Honda site, it says check back soon for more info about previously leased cars. According to a lessee’s post on the FB group, Honda seems to be offering to extend the lease for a year at the same rate or offering a buy-out at $19K. I would never consider buying this car, especially at that price, as the battery life and replacement costs are too unknown and scary. I might consider extending, depending on what the alternatives are in the market place.

Can’t wait for spring.

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