The (EV) Car Scene in the SF Bay Area


My wife and I spent a week in the San Francisco Bay area visiting two of our kids who live there. I am always on the look out for what people are driving; here are the things I saw:

  • Tesla Model S was by far the most common EV I saw – they were everywhere! I thought of visiting the Tesla factory in Freemont but their web site said they only give tours to owners or people in the queue, so I didn’t try
  • I only saw one Fit EV the whole week and only a few Leafs
  • Although the Fiat 500 was a most common sight around the city, I didn’t see a single EV version
  • On a sentimental note, I saw more Honda S2000s during my visit than I saw in the 7 years I owned one in NJ – every day I saw several.

Nothing else to report.

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