Cars & Croissants – Memorial Day Weekend


i3 and model s
We had a great turnout at Cars & Croissants today – there were over 200 cars and the lot was completely full with the usual assortment of Porsches, Corvettes, BMWs, Jaguars, etc. Then this LaFerrari pulled in and everyone gathered around – it stopped the show! According to the Ferrari web site, production is limited to 399 cars, so this is likely to be the only one I’ll ever see.

The EVers had a limited turnout today – I was there with my wife’s new i3 REX, parked next to a Model S. There was a second S elsewhere and 2 other i3s – both in Solar Orange. Also a RAV4 EV.

So my wife and I are a 2-EV family. The question on the table is whether we should install a second EVSE or share one – I think we’ll try sharing one before spending the money to add a second.

My Fit EV has had very few miles this month as I have been away on vacation and then business travel…but I am back in town for a while so I expect to break through the 20,000 mile mark soon.

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