Getting Ready to Say Goodbye

I have had the Fit EV for 31+ months now and it has been dependable and economical transportation a and thoroughly enjoyable experience. My wife and I enjoyed the EV experience so much that we traded in her Mini Cooper for a BMW i3 5 months ago.

In the category of “life happens while you were making other plans,” we will be moving to Vermont in December, which poses a few issues for the Fit:

  • Vermont is not a state that Hinda included in their pilot program – that means the dealers there are not authorized to take the car back at the end of the lease
  • Vermont is 300 miles from where I live and so driving it north when we move and south to return it in April is not practical
  • Despite being FWD, it lacks the typical advantages of FWD because of the weight of the batteries is evenly distributed under the passenger compartment. Its snow performance has been marginal in NJ…in VT, where the winters are somewhat more intense, this is not a happy situation.

I spoke to Honda Financial Services and have authorization to return the car without any penalty before we move. Our family car concept is to move north with one car and then acquire (buy or lease?) an AWD car to complement the i3.

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