My first electric car experience has come to an end, 4 months earlier than planned. My wife and I are relocating to Vermont and VT is not a market where Honda leased the Fit EV – therefore, if I took it with me, I’d have to return it to NJ in April when the lease expires. Since the distance between where I live in NJ and Burlington, VT is almost 300 miles, this seemed like an unattractive plan. Also, the EV’s winter handling is not so great with the weight of the batteries distributed under the passenger compartment – the design lacks the typical advantage of FWD cars.

If not for the move, I likely would have renewed the lease for another 2 years. My maintenance costs have been zero and my fuel costs about 1/5 the cost of running the Honda Civic that we used to own. My insurance costs were $26/month for liability with the lease price including comprehensive and collision.

The picture of the instrument panel shows an average efficiency of 5.0 miles/KwH over more than a year.Extrapolating, 23,374 miles at 5m/KwH means I used 4,675 KwH of electricity. I charge at night at the off-peak rate of $.11/KwH, so my fuel costs total $514 – pretty amazing.

I am replacing the EV with an AWD Mini Countryman, so I am returning to ICE. However, our second car is a BMW i3 (with REX), so my wife and I will continue to enjoy the benefits of electric motoring.

It has been a real pleasure to participate in this field trial by Honda and I hope to drive another EV in the future.

Over and out.

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